HPL laminated panels

We provide high quality Compact HPL panels customized in size, colors, finishes, shapes. All products can be fully certified FSC®, CE and Fire retardant Euroclass B-s1,d0.

Certifications - Compact Form, HPL panels machining in Italy
HPL Panels - Compact Form, HPL panels machining in Italy


We machine and transform the Compact HPL with advanced and up-to-date technologies to deliver outstanding results.

Productivity force, attention to detail, quality control and attention to customer design requirements are the reasons why companies entrust us with their projects.

  • Cutting
  • Shaping
  • Drilling
  • Edging
  • Post-forming
  • Engraving
  • Decor printing
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Compact HPL has a heart made of paper

Compact HPL is made up of approximately 70% of wood. The heart of the panel is made of kraft paper. It is a non-toxic, recyclable material and it is respectful to needs of the environment. Compact HPL is a material compliant with the LEED criteria. LEED is the green building construction standard.

Compact HPL has a heart made of paper, it's a green material:

Compact HPL is a green material: guaranteed, recyclable, eco-sustainable, esthetically ductile and workable, natural

Compact HPL is: green, non-toxic, recyclable and eco-sustainable.

Design with us

We provide decades of experience, skills and competence to find solutions where the choice of material and processing match in a perfect result.

Our experience speaks for us


Our experience in Compact HPL processing

Mq2 processed

Square meters of processed material since we started


Countries in which we operate worldwide besides Italy


More than 300 colors in the catalog to create any project


Compact HPL is a versatile material, a top quality product. Applications are endless: from architecture, to coatings, to flooring, to the production of any kind of furnishing.

The wide range of colors, decorations and textures is in continuous and constant updating, which allows architects and designers to conceive and renovate any interior or exterior environment.

Compact HPL applications
  • Kitchen and bathroom
  • Home furniture
  • Office furniture
  • Fairs and conferences
  • Hospital and med labs
  • Bars, hotels, restaurants
  • Schools and universities
  • Lounge
  • Public spaces and museums
  • Flooring
  • Ventilated facades
  • Verandas and balconies
  • Garden furniture
  • Urban furniture
  • Ship furniture

Milano Riveste

MilanoRiveste is the Compact Form brand, which aims to energize design and innovation in the use of the Compact Exterior for ventilated facades.

A new logo, a new image to offer excellence in the field of Compact HPL materials and to project into the future of resistant, clean and sustainable architecture.

Milano Riveste logo, a brand by Compact Form