HPL machining

Our production line boasts a 5-axis CNC among its machines. With this machinery we can perform particular and complex processes that require absolute precision.

Thanks to the 5 axes we can continuously orient the workpiece in the correct position, tilting it as needed. Previously very complex processes become a hallmark of our ability to innovate in the field of Compact HPL.

With appropriate production technology, our experience and deep knowledge of the material we carry out made to perfection productions and guarantee the final result.

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Custom production of single pieces - Compact Form, HPL panels machining in Italy
Single pieces production

Our production line allows us to satisfy even the needs of customers who demand a few pieces or unique pieces.

Produzione in serie - Compact Form, lavorazione laminati HPL in Italia
Series production

We manage large print runs with professionality, organization and punctuality. We have a large warehouse for the storage of panels and processed products.


Cutting HPL panels - Compact Form, HPL panels machining in Italy

We perform the cutting of Compact HPL with precision panel saws. The blades have tungsten carbide inserts. The accuracy of the cut depends on the choice of the correct blade and the feed speed. The material must not be attacked but sectioned at the right speed and the processing dust must be constantly sucked up.


Drilling HPL panels - Compact Form, HPL panels machining in Italy

Perfect drilling must avoid the risk of future cracks or fissures. It is important to know the dimensional variations of the Compact HPL due to environmental conditions. The edge of the hole must be clean, smooth and carefully finished to prevent any micro-chips from causing future cracks.


Shaping HPL panels - Compact Form, HPL panels machining in Italy

The shaping and internal perforations of a panel are processes that require extreme attention to detail. The internal perforations must have evenly rounded corners, smoothed and brushed to remove possible splinters and avoid breaking or cracking of the laminate. Thanks to our experience in HPL processing we know how to choose the right radius of the internal corners also evaluating the length of the cut.


Edging HPL panels - Compact Form, HPL panels machining in Italy

With special tips, in tungsten carbide, we can perform finishing with over 20 types of edges. In the case of curved edges, we proceed with the rough shape first, leaving an abundance. Then we move on to the finishing phase with the cutter of the shape chosen by the customer.

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Post-forming HPL panels - Compact Form, HPL panels machining in Italy

Compact Forming has the same properties as Compact HPL but can be bended into concave or convex curved shapes. Curving is a very complex operation and requires the panel to be placed on a substrate and subsequently heated with temperatures that vary according to the thickness and degree of curvature required. It is a process to be calibrated with the utmost precision to avoid bubbles and delamination. The result is certainly impressive and opens up new design stimuli.


Engraving HPL panels - Compact Form, HPL panels machining in Italy

This process creates slight grooves on the outermost layer of the Compact HPL. We can create technical or decorative engravings with micron precision. It is possible to engrave not only letters and numbers but also graphic elements such as logos, patterns or vector designs with maximum detail.

Decor printing

We can realize a custom decor starting from an image or photo chosen by the customer. We performe a high definition print on paper to be applied to the decorative layer of the panel, the outermost one. The panels customized with printing can be used both in indoor and outdoor spaces.

Decor printed and applied on Compact Exterior

Design with us

Our decades of expertise in Compact HPL processing allows us to support customers in the design phase.

Contact us to find out the solution that best suit your needs to realize yours project with Compact HPL.

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Design with us, choose from more than 300 decors - Compact Form, HPL panels machining in Italy