Compact HPL panels

Compact HPL is made by layers of kraft paper impregnated with thermosetting resin, plus an external layer of decorative paper.

The different layers subjected to the thermo-lamination process give rise to HPL High Pressure Laminate.

The Compact HPL is a product characterized by high production technology, versatility and strong visual impact. The decorative surface is available in a wide range of patterns, textures and colors.

Special finishings
  • Antibacterial
  • Soft touch
  • Anti-fingerprint
  • Scratchproof
  • Antacid
  • Electromagnetic radiation shield

Compact HPL family


In the Compact HPL family, Alucompact® is the most peculiar and performing. Before going on to thermo-lamination, 0.42 mm thick aluminum sheets are inserted between its construction layers.

Aluminium gives more lift and structural stability and at the same time creates the tactile and visual signature of a strong technical personality.

Alucompact family:

  • Alucompact: 2 aluminum sheets under the decor
  • Alucompact Arrigo: 2 central aluminum sheets
  • Alucompact Mark: 3 central aluminum sheets
  • Alucompact 3: 2 aluminum sheets under the decor and 1 central sheet
  • Alucompact 4: 2 aluminum sheets under the decoration and 2 central sheets

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Compact Core

Compact Core have no discontinuity between surface and interior: the material appears as a single block, with the same texture and color inside and out.

Compactness, resistance and uniformity — typical qualities of all Compact Form materials — become in this case an aesthetic sign, even after the shaping and other processes (edging, engraving, drilling, threading…).

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Compact Exterior

Compact Exterior is an ideal product for architecture and exterior design projects. Thanks to manufacturing process, Compact Exterior is highly resistant to atmospheric agents and keeps unchanged over time performance and aesthetic characteristics.

Quality, durability and versatility, combined with an elegant image, make Compact Exterior particularly suitable also for the coating of ventilated facades.

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Compact Forming

Compact Forming is made through an exclusive processing that allows you to create curved double-sided panels without resorting to accessory elements, such as sealing plugs or other.

The possibility of bending the HPL panels opens the way to new design solutions without compromising its strong features: self-supporting, resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents, eco-compatibility.

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Compact Laminate

Compact Laminate has its unmistakable black interior. It resists practically everything: wear weather, humidity, steam, ultraviolet rays, termites, fungi, spores and molds.

Self-supporting from 6 mm: this feature makes it easy to install. Self-extinguishing and class flame retardant 2, class 1 on request. It does not contain chlorine, asbestos and is Fira Institute certified for the issue of free formaldehyde (food contact safe).

On request Compact Resistance: acid resistant specific for environments such as chemical laboratories.

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HPL materials

Compact Form selects the best brands in the field of HPL materials to offer always innovative and competitive products.

Companies, architects and designers can rely on us as a reference partner for architecture, interior design and furniture design projects.

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Certifications - Compact Form, HPL panels machining in Italy

All products can be fully certified FSC, CE and Fire retardant Euroclass B-s1,d0.

Made in Europe - Compact Form, HPL panels machining in Italy
Made in Europe

Most of the materials used for the Compact HPL comes from FSC and PEFC certified wood from European manufacturers.

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Material, Metallic, Nature and UNI: more than 300 Compact HPL decors to choose from.

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