Research, experimentation, innovation. Using HPL Compact we transform ideas into solutions for companies, architects and designers.

Our projects focus on solid bases and are the starting point for reliable high-tech products.

Company ethics - Compact Form, HPL panels machining in Italy
Work comes first

Work is our ethics, our way, our main project. We have been working for many years, we work well, we will always work.

Application research

In our company, research is the fundamental element for constant innovation and is essential to meet the ever-increasing needs of the market. The study of new technologies and the investigation of new materials point directly to the innovation of our products.


It's our main keyword to realize our products. Each of our HPL Compact is designed for specific applications and built with features that cover every possible need. Our production line can also satisfy customers who need a few pieces or unique pieces. We aim to achieve what is needed, we aim at concrete needs.

The importance of being on the market

Compact Form has been on the HPL Compact market for over thirty years. All company products can be fully certified FSC, CE and Fire retardant Euroclass B-s1,d0. Most of the materials used for the HPL Compact comes from FSC and PEFC certified wood from European manufacturers. Our processes are characterized by very high production technology. Indoor and outdoor multiple applications can satisfy to a wide clientele that can find in the range of HPL Compact panels the one that best suits their needs and ask for our advice.

Openness to the new

The applications of the HPL Compact are constantly evolving and Compact Form won't stop here. The presence of the HPL Compact in the world of construction, furniture, urban furniture is consolidated, but its technical characteristics — the extreme versatility and the possibility of application both vertical and horizontal — make it an increasingly requested material from architects and builders. A solution that will be more and more the ideal choice.