The principle that combines "material" and "imagination" flows along the stages that mark the historical development of Compact Form and underlines its evolution.

A material in itself immobile turns out versatile and innovative where the imagination makes it alive.

  • 1989 Foundation

    Compact Form was established in 1989 in Brianza as the first company in Italy specialized in the machining and processing of HPL Compact panels.

  • Important collaborations

    Over the years, the advanced technological features of the HPL Compact and its transversality lead the company to collaborate with important brands of contemporary design.

    Compact Form collaborates on projects designed by Gae Aulenti, Carlo Bartoli, the Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec brothers, Achille Castiglioni, Norman Foster and Renzo Piano.

  • The Alucompact range

    The growing experience in the field of high pressure laminates and the constant research to offer more and more performing products lead to the birth of the innovative HPL Alucompact, declined in 5 products:

    • Alucompact: 2 aluminium sheets under the decor
    • Alucompact Arrigo: 2 central aluminium sheets
    • Alucompact Mark: 3 central aluminium sheets
    • Alucompact 3: 2 aluminium sheets under the decor and 1 central sheet
    • Alucompact 4: 2 aluminium sheets under the decoration and 2 central sheets

  • 2012 New state-of-the-art machinery

    Compact Form is the first company in Europe to equip itself with the CF 5 3D machinery: the most advanced machinery for three-dimensional machining of HPL Compact with maximum size of processed panels up to 5200x2150mm. Compact Form opens a new frontier in Compact HPL designing.

  • 2016 Outdoor Showroom

    A new outdoor showroom is set up in the external spaces of the company to show and promote products made of Compact Exterior and their extraordinary resistance to atmospheric agents.

  • International market

    The awareness of offering products and processes of excellence stimulate the company in search of an affirmation in the international market of the HPL Compact. In 2016 Compact Form participates in The Hotel Show in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and in 2018 at the Hotelier Summit in Nairobi (Kenya).

  • 2019 Registered trademark

    The growth of the company and its expansion with customers around the world lead to the desire to register and guarantee the brand.

    Compact Form becomes a registered trademark!

  • 2020 New brand: MilanoRiveste

    With this new brand, Compact Form introduces an innovative covering solution based on Compact Exterior — a product of excellence in the field of HPL — into the market of ventilated facades. The company looks to the future of tough, clean and sustainable architecture.