The value of service

Compact Form is always there for its customers, offering advice, customized projects and innovative solutions.

The wealth of experience and knowledge that our company has accumulated over the years are available to those who use our products.

Company history
Service culture - Compact Form, HPL panels machining in Italy

Synergy and sharing of ideas with our customers.


We are a reference partner for companies, architects and designers to whom we advise on any aspect of our products in relation to design needs and fields of application. Our Technical Department can support customers with detailed information on products and services.

Tailor-made processing

We are able to satisfy every customer demand. We can realize specific products on request, from big to small quantities and in the agreed times, maintaining the highest quality. We also provide personalised service on decorations, edges and finishing. Tailor-made processing is a must in our production. It's an essential service for architects, it meets the particular design needs both for unique pieces and for large runs.

Just in time

We are able to offer a range of products, chosen from our catalog, in a very short time: HPL panels ready, stored in our warehouse for supplies that allow to drastically reduce delivery times.

Decor customization

The decor customization is a service of excellence that Compact Form offers both on indoor and outdoor panels. In addition to the decorations offered in the company's catalog, it is possible to print on the panels images and patterns provided by the customer.